Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Resolving To Not Have Resolutions

Image: sleeping cat.  Text; New year. Same lupus. Same me. Resolution? Survive.Tomorrow is New Year's Eve.

By tradition I should be thinking about all the ways I could instantly become a better person the day after tomorrow and thereby change my entire life for Earth's next circuit of the Sun.

In case I'd forgotten it was my duty to mark the planet's progress by becoming a better person, Amazon just sent me an email with numerous suggestions for self-improvement books.

I've had New Year's resolutions before.  In fact, I've recycled quite a few from one year to the next, or even from one decade to the next.

This coming New Year, I am resolved that I will not have a resolution.

Yes, you read it right here. I am not going to become a better person for 2016.

I'm going into the next circuit of the Sun with all the same faults, foibles and failings as I've had all through the previous one.

Oh I know, there's lots of ways I could improve.   I also know that if I were seriously going to work on them, I could start any time, not just save it all up for one day of the year.

So what am I going to do in 2016? The same as I did in 2015. I'm going to make the most of good days, while trying not to over-do it, and I'm going to take a rest and care for myself as best I can on the bad days. I'm going to thoroughly enjoy having my family and my animals around me. I'm going to take my medication, do my blood tests and see my doctors.  I'm going to keep in contact with friends through Facebook and wish I had the energy to go and see them face to face.

In short, I'm going to live the life I have, and not beat myself up over my imperfections.

I hope and pray that 2016 will be a good year for all my readers, whether or not you're planning to become a better person.

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