Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Temazapam Dreams

Lately, I've been struggling with fatigue all day.  I've been drinking excess coffee to combat it, so at
Super Grover
night, I'm stuck with being awake feeling every little ache or pain and being aware that I'm going to be super-fatigued again in during the day.

To try to get everything back under control, I've taken temazapam (sleeping pills) for the last two nights.

That means I've slept really soundly during the night, but it also means I've been having really weird dreams.

Last night, I was in the world of one of those really gritty modern super-hero movies.  It should have been a Batman film.  But the superhero was Super Grover from Sesame Street. (The guy who couldn't fly because a kitten was on the end of his cape.)

Did it work?

As I said, I've slept really soundly of a night-time.

During the day?  I'm still exhausted.

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