Thursday, 10 September 2015

Brain Fog Alert

For a while now, my family's been working on assembling a gazebo in our yard.

Everyone's had a go at it at different times, whenever they've had a the time and energy.

Once we put our outdoor furniture in it, it's going to be a great place to go out and read, and enjoy the herb garden I keep trying to win back from the weeds. (Sadly, the weeds put a lot more energy into the battle than I do.)

It's also right next to an existing shade cover over my grand-daughter's play equipment and sand pit.  So it will be a nice place to sit and keep an eye on her as well.

You may notice that as well as insect screens on all sides, it's got a curtain on one corner, that can be moved back or forward to manage sun and shade.

Actually, it came with curtains for all four corners.

When I finally got around to putting up the curtains, there was only one.

Where are the other three?  I've looked in all the logical places, garden sheds, etc.

No-one else has any idea, none have moved them.

The working theory here is that, in a brain fogged state, I put them somewhere that seemed perfectly sensible in the fog, but which no reasonable person would ever consider.

Perhaps, on another "foggy day", I might stumble across them again.  It seems that there's no hope of finding them while clear-headed.

I found them, in the packaging.  I thought I'd already checked there, so maybe I wasn't as clear-headed as I thought when I was searching.

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