Saturday, 13 June 2015


Meeting a red panda.
Photo credit:
Queensland Zoo, Big Pineapple.
I've just been on a week's holiday with my daughter and granddaughter.

For a week, I've pushed my limits, but I've done it carefully.

I've walked a lot, but I've also taken rest breaks.  I've been out to all the touristy spots on the Sunshine Coast (or a number of them), but I've also spent time soaking in a warm spa at the resort.

I've been to bed relatively early each night. (Sharing a room with a toddler, means everyone's bed time is toddler bed time.) That has helped with my fatigue levels.

I've managed my medication, taking anti-inflammatory medication each morning, before I started the walking.

I've been careful to stay in the shade most of the time; and my daughter did all the driving.

I also took a tens machine for the aches and pains.

The big thing was that I was with someone who understands there are times I just need to stop for a rest. (As much as stopping for a rest is possible with an 18 month old.) And my daughter also understands that if I'm walking anywhere, it's going to take me significantly longer than most people, and waiting for me will just be a part of the deal.

A couple of times I was too stiff and sore to manage putting on my own shoes - but that can happen at home from time to time as well.

All in all, it was a great week.

I probably couldn't keep up that pace for more than a week or so.  But that's OK, a holiday's an exception.

Now I'm home, I'm going to rest a bit before I finish unpacking.

I know lupus has "dis-abled" me to some extent.  But with a bit of care and forethought, it's quite amazing what I can be able to do.

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  1. Yay, Iris, that's so cool you could go on holiday (girls only !) ! That red panda looks very friendly ! Hugs


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