Sunday, 10 May 2015

World Lupus Day

Image: Iris flower. Text: On World Lupus Day, let's thank the people who help us fight lupus every day.It's World Lupus Day.

(As well as being Mothers Day.)

I've been trying to think of appropriate ways to mark WLD.  Here's what I've come up with.

  1. Donate some money to lupus research. (There's a couple of links in the right-hand column of this blog.)
  2. Take some time to think about those who have failed in the battle against lupus this past year - you may not have known them personally, but may well have seen posts about them on social media.  
  3. Take time out to thank the family, friends, whoever it is who helps you day by day to fight against the wolf.
  4. Set some goals for things you plan to do to help care for your health for the coming year (eg, take a 10 minute walk each day, or a five minute walk each day, eat more vegetables, etc.)
  5. Post some information about lupus on social media, to help people understand about invisible illnesses.

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