Monday, 11 May 2015

World Lupus Day Message From Julian Lennon

I received the following email overnight, and I know the writer would like it shared:

World Lupus Day

Link to Know Lupus Card Game

Dear Friend,

As the Global Ambassador for the Lupus Foundation of America, I am proud to join all of you to raise awareness today on World Lupus Day

In honour of the estimated 5 million people around the world living with lupus, I hope you will challenge your friends and family to KNOW LUPUS so we can create future with NO LUPUS

Play the new online KNOW LUPUS card game and then challenge 10 of your friends and family to beat your score. We have already reached our first milestone and raised $50,000 for lupus research! You can also further our impact by making your own donation to lupus research today.  

Together, we can solve the cruel mystery of lupus and end its devastating impact on millions of families.

Your friend, 
Julian Lennon
Lupus Foundation of America Global Ambassador 

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