Saturday, 25 April 2015

Not All In My Head

Image: brain scans
My SPECT scans.
So a while back, I posted about the imaging that found I had a decreased blood flow to my left temporal lobe.

My GP hadn't seen anything like it, and didn't know if it could explain my cognitive issues.

Since then, I've been to the specialist who ordered the tests.

The specialist is a gerontologist - a specialist in diseases of ageing.

What she'd been looking for was signs of dementia.  There weren't any.  (Big sigh of relief.)

In fact, my cognitive symptoms are mild, in her assessment.  (Mild?  Does this mean it can get worse than this?)

As for the funny blood flow issue in my brain?

Apparently, that is just "normal" for people with lupus.  There will be vascular changes like that all over my body, we just know about the one in the brain because we were looking there.

So this thing in my head I was so worried about, isn't all in my head. It's all over my body. But that's OK, because apparently it's entirely normal for me.

Lupus makes the abnormal normal.

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