Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Fog Fatigue Movie Review

Movie Title: I forget.

Synopsis: Two brothers, the pregnant wife of one brother, and the other brother's dog go hunting, declaring alcohol and firearms a family tradition. (You know at this point these people are going to die.)

The forest is closed, but being very naughty people (who are probably going to die), they go in anyway. The camera pauses ominously at a pile of shoes in the slide as they go through a disused playground.


The dog is dead (I said someone is going to die). Someone in a weird mask is shooting at the man who owned it. (He's probably going to die too.)


The woman is telling her husband she's pregnant. They both have Xs on their foreheads, and the husband seems to be in his underwear. They're walking through the forest. (They're probably going to die as well.)


"Here are your pills, you really need to go to bed." Oh, that's not the movie, that's my son. Looks like the movie's over already.

Characters: There were some. The dog was a very convincing dog, disappointing to see it killed off so early, if it was early. The humans, I could take or leave.  Actually, leave, they didn't seem very bright.  They missed all the cues at the beginning that said they were going to die.

Camerawork: That significant pause on the shoes was really good, if it meant anything at all, which it might or might not have.  It probably meant they were going to die.

Dialogue: Pretty dumb, and not much of it. I couldn't have heard much more than ten minutes of dialogue in the whole film.

Direction: I guess there was some direction happening.  A bit hard to tell from what I saw.

Sleepability: Ten stars.

My Overall Impression: Watching a movie with lupus brain fog and fatigue means never having to know how it ended.

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  1. I saw that kind of movie many times, especially on Friday evening at the end of a crazy week lol ! Claire


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