Sunday, 8 March 2015

Black and Blue (I'm Not Talking About A Dress)

Image: arm with two bruises. Text: bruise from needle, bruise from dressing.
I bruise ridiculously easily.

I had a needle for a test the other day. (I was injected with radioactive stuff so a CT scan could see the blood vessels in my brain - we'll talk about it in another post.)

Ordinarily, if I have a needle, and a dressing is put over it, I pull the dressing off almost straight away. This time, I couldn't get to it for a couple of hours (having to lie still with my head in a CT machine, and things like that happening.)

When I took the dressing off, it left a bruise.  days later, the bruise from the actual needle is gone, but the bruise from the dressing is nasty and purple.

I usually have "mystery bruises". They definitely are bruises, that's not the mystery. I just have no idea how I got them.  It takes so little to make me bruise that things I don't even notice at the time can come up as a huge purple bruise a day or so later.

I don't know if it's an effect of lupus, or if it's just me.

I do know it's not from my medications (or not just from my medications) because I was like this long before I was diagnosed.

So, if you ever meet me, and see that I'm covered in bruises, I haven't just been beaten up. At least, I'm not likely to have been.

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  1. I have the same issue. My legs bruise easy but anything with a needle in my arm I'm definitely bruising for days and because of the wraps. My mom saw me go for infusions and many tests and mouthed off to nurses in the ER that treated me like I'm a druggie because on top of Lupus I have Sjogren's and dry mouth used to cause many infections before I found out. I'm interested in your next post and pray that you come back with some good news. There's too much Lupus likes to sneak into.


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