Sunday, 27 April 2014

What If?

I asked lupies on social media a while ago what they would get, if they had one huge bucket of money
to spend on just one thing for their health.

There were some interesting answers.

One person was so glad of finally having a diagnosis and treatment that she felt she didn't need anything more.

Others wanted to improve their ability to exercise, one suggesting a heated therapy pool, another a personal trainer with special qualifications in dealing with conditions like lupus.

 Someone else suggested that if they had money for something big, it would be for a huge Australia-wide lupus awareness campaign.

As for me?  Well, since my daughter and her family have moved into the next flat, I've come to realize just how much I depend on them. I don't need to be looked after all the time, but sometimes I do need help with all kinds of odd little things - from zips I can't do up, to things I can't reach or lift, and on really bad days the shoes I can't reach to put on.

But as her baby grows up, her flat is getting smaller, and they won't be able to live there for ever.  So if I had the money, I would buy us a suitable home.  Ideally, it would be a house with a granny flat, or be a duplex with room for my daughter and her family in one home, and for my son and I in an adjoining home. Maybe even when my son is eventually married, there could be some way to expand to have three homes which were close or linked. The idea would be to give everyone independence, but also to always have family close at hand when needed.

That's probably a crazy daydream, but it would mean I could be as independent as possible, for as long as possible.

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  1. I understand completely. I am love live lupus Detroit. I actually battle lupus. My daughter started this organization because of my lupus. I have a blog I also write in I-merge my name is Romester Ushery and would love to speak with more often because of our battle with lupus. I also battle sjogrens syndrome. I wanted to continue to encourage you on your fight.


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