Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Finding Out The Hard Way

Overnight, my ankles swelled so much that
the elastic supports that I use to help ease
the pain, were slicing into me.
About a month ago Dr K, my rheumatologist, asked me to stop taking sulfasalazine for a month to see if it was still working.

Well, I definitely found out.

I've found myself in a flare.

To start with my usual aches and pains became more pronounced than usual.

My ankles have been hurting so much that the only way I could keep the pain under control enough to sleep was to put elastic joint supports on them.... but then my feet and ankles have swelled so much that in one night supports that were comfortable (and comforting) at bedtime, were cutting in to me the next morning. Actually, truth be told, by morning my ankle didn't look much like an ankle at all - there was no shaping at all, my leg just seemed to end in a foot with nothing in between.

The pains grew worse, and more diverse until the point when even the small joints in my fingers and toes were hurting.

My fatigue reached a point where I was sleeping all day. I was also nauseous, and had a couple of nights of alternating between sweats and chills. I was guzzling coffee and binge eating to try to get the energy to stay awake for a couple of hours each day.

So, over all, I guessed that, yes, the sulfasalazine had been doing something after all.

I've started taking it again.

After a few days back on it, I'm a little less tired, and a little less sore, but I've got some way to go to get back to where I was before stopping the drug.

My drug cocktail is based on trial and error.  Some of those trials are pretty awful, and the errors I'd rather avoid. But this is life with lupus.

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  1. Ouch ! Yep, it's really a hard way to be sure which drug is good for you ! Courage !


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