Sunday, 15 December 2013

Lupus: The Cause and Cure

One of the frustrations of lupus is that no-one knows what causes it, and as yet, there's no cure.

I hope and pray there is a cure out there, as do many other lupies. Researchers in universities and other institutions are working on it, and are learning more all the time.  We've even in the last couple of years had the first drug developed specifically to treat lupus.

When the cure is found, we'll know about it.

We'll read about it in the news. Lupus organisations world-wide will be celebrating. Our doctors, particularly our specialists, will read about it in serious peer-reviewed journals. Then, when the cure is available and approved they will be more than happy to use it, provided the benefits are worth the risks.

We won't find the cure in books by non-medical people who claim to have "cured" their own lupus or some such thing.

We won't find it from people who will claim to be up-to-date on the research, and to prove it cite the abstract (not the actual article) of a research article dealing with very, very, preliminary research.

We won't find it from someone who tells us to change our diets, do more exercise, stand on our heads in the corner for half an hour a day, etc, without any evidence that their theories do anything at all.

Hope is important.  I sincerely hope that a cure for lupus is found, and I hope and hope and hope some more that it is found soon.

But I'm not grasping at straws.

Every now and then I hear from people who want me to promote their books about the cure for lupus, or their supplement or whatever other thing they're trying to sell.

I don't generally respond to them.  It saves me from the wasted effort of arguing against someone who's not at all interested in hearing what I have to say anyway. (I save energy where I can.)

I don't generally tell you about them.  I'm not big on promoting false hopes. I'm especially not big on promoting a false hope that might encourage people to give up the life-saving medications their doctors have them taking.

 We're coming up to Christmas - which is about hope and hope fulfilled.  This Christmas, please, let me encourage you to keep hoping. Somewhere out there, there is a cure.  And one day some very clever people will find that cure.  And don't worry - when a cure really is found, you won't miss hearing about it.                


  1. Great post! We are in agreement. It is trying to continuously be bombarded with books and comments claiming that a drink, diet, pill will cure lupus. Everyone who suffers, suffers differently and for every person there is no ONE magic solution. We are working really hard to help fund research for a cure. Thank you again for your honest approach!

    1. Oh Molly! If you'd seen the responses on my Facebook page, you would have thought this was the most evil thing ever written!


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