Thursday, 14 November 2013

It's Heating Up

It's late spring, and the summer storm season's already begun.

That means incredibly hot, humid days, with storms in the late afternoon or overnight.

It also means I'm suffering from fatigue reaching the point of exhaustion without doing much at all.

My son's first-ever attempt at hairdressing.
And, on top of that, I'm suffering from rashes from the heat.  Dermatitis on my scalp has come back, after being away for some time.

Today, it reached the point where I couldn't stand it any more.

My son came to the rescue, with the hair clippers.

For his first-ever attempt at hairdressing, I think he's done a good job of clipping my hair.

I've also noticed that, although I don't have a serious butterfly rash, I'm starting to get pink across my cheeks, which is not a good sign.

The worst of the hot weather is yet to come. Summer doesn't actually start until December. So far, this year has been Australia's hottest on record, so I'm not looking forward to the last six weeks of this year, or the start of next year either.

I have a couple of strategies for hot weather. One is to get rid of as much hair as possible and wear light clothing.  My home is quite cool, except for the hottest days, and normally I can keep under fans or an evaporative cooler. (Eventually, I will save up for air conditioning.)  When it does get too hot here, I tend to go to places like shopping centres, or fast food places, where I can find a quiet place to sit with a cool drink and my kindle while the worst of the heat passes. As always, I try to avoid being outside in the sun.


  1. I hope you feel better. I am in the process of preparing for Benlystra. .....I am nnervous

    1. I hope Benlysta makes things much better for you, Romester.

  2. My favorite hiding place from the heat is the library. It's cool and quiet. It's accessible. It's also free. I can sit there and read and not be bothered, while enjoying the climate-controlled air.

    Good luck! I hope the rest of the summer isn't too rough for you.

  3. My favourite thing for being too hot is Aloe Vera, just the gel without perfumes and without too many additives. I found that putting some on my scalp, face and neck cool my down instantly and keep me cool for some time. It worked on my infant niece one time, she was miserably hot and I put the gel on her and she calmed down. Her mother didn't like it, because the gel changed the body of her fine baby hair. It wasn't ugly, but it was different; I traded my niece's bad humour for her mother's silent rage - which didn't make sense to me, we were having an at home day, no need for fashion statements. Anyway, I swear by Aloe Vera Gel. I purchase a clear brand, I think it's called Fruit of the Earth. I'd tried a different type before but the scent and chemicals dried my skin tight despite the bottle claiming to moisturize.


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