Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Living in Cyberspace

Image: cat looking at computer. Text: I spend a lot of time on the internet. The real world is exhausting, and painful. I only go there for very special reasons.As you've seen from recent posts, I have been out in the real world a bit lately.

The real world's hard work.  I get fatigued very easily, and most things I do can add to my pain levels.

I try to do as much as I can on the internet, to save my "real world" energy for things I really want to do. Doing my groceries on-line means I can save some energy and avoid some pain, so I can go out with friends, or cook dinner for my family, or spend time with my baby granddaughter.

Using Quickflix for my movie rentals means I don't use energy driving to a video shop. Again, that's some energy saved for something more important.

Recently, I found out just how good the internet could be. My microwave was making ominous, crackling noises whenever it was turned on.  It was a cheap one to begin with, and quite old, so I decided it probably wasn't worth the cost to repair.  I started going to shops to look at prices for microwave ovens.  I quickly realised that it would be much easier, to do the comparisons online. I was thrilled to discover that The Good Guys lived up to their name.  Their website had customer reviews on all their products, the microwave I bought came from their local shop (so the franchisee wasn't left out by going via the central internet ordering system) and the delivery fee was only $2.

I've recently discovered online games, to play when I really don't have energy or brain space for much else.  Over in Blackwood and Bell Mysteries, I'm stuck in a Romanian cave with the bad guy getting away - because the next chapter of the game isn't online yet.  In Zombie Lane, Fettuccine has asked me for help with his new circus act - it involves clown zombies and flame throwers.   If you're playing either of those games, feel free to add me as a friend. My name is Ornithirinkus, which is how you spell "Ornithorhynchus" when you have brain fog.

To top all that off being able to browse and buy books at Amazon and have them just magically appear on my Kindle, has meant a lot more saved energy and pain.

It's not all that long ago that I wouldn't have thought of using the internet for anything but research - and I'd always check that with printed sources. Lupus has changed that dramatically.  The little bit of energy I have is too precious to waste on something I could do online. Now, the internet's one of my main tools for saving energy for the things I really want to do.  I still emerge into the real world, but I have enough energy to enjoy some of the best bits of the real world, now, not just the essential stuff.

In fact, today, I'm waiting for a new bench-top dishwasher I bought on ebay to be delivered. The dishwasher will mean my sore hip doesn't have to put up with me standing at the sink for so long, and being bench-top means it's just the right height to avoid too much bending or stretching.

Do you do everything on the internet as well?  I have two Quickflix gift cards (good for six weeks subscription to give away.)  The first two people (in Australia only) to email me their name and postal address will each get one.

This was is not a sponsored/paid post. None of the companies mentioned have been involved in producing this post in anyway. The Quickflix gift cards being given away were given to me as a customer to share with friends, not as a blogger.


  1. There are lots of great choices now when it comes on Microwave Oven You can ask for a professional guide when selecting one that would fit to your needs.

  2. I use a lot Internet for prices comparisons of any kind, and for buying books or e-books on Amazon (books are more expensive in stores in Switzerland). I cannot use Internet for streaming or movies because I have a very very VERY slow connection...

  3. Now, I am not sure if this is something that you'd be interested in checking out, but I recently wrote an article about how people with fibromyalgia have been using motion-controlled video games to great effect. A recent study showed that this provided a great distraction from pain as well as exercise.

    1. This may be one of the more intriguing studies that I have read for fibromyalgia. That syndrome remains a great mystery in many ways (not unlike lupus), and these motion-controlled video games seem like a viable option for combating chronic pain. It's always nice to see how technology can be used to improve our lives.

  4. Modern conveniences make life so much easier for us Lupies, I totally agree!! We have Netflix, I use my Kindle every day and even get most of my prescriptions through the mail.


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