Thursday, 19 September 2013

His Name Was John....

It was the end of May 2012.

There was a story on 612ABC radio about a man whose friend put a notice in a shopping centre notice board asking for a girlfriend for him.  He was a nice guy, according to the female friend, who was concerned that he just wasn't be able to find love.

I tweeted to the radio station: "You didn't embarrass that man enough, you forgot to broadcast his phone number."

They tweeted back, they'd direct message me the number if I was interested.

I thought about it for a while, decided I had nothing to lose, and got the number.

We texted a couple of times, then met.  He talked at me constantly and gave me the history of a number of city buildings I really wasn't interested in.

After that, my kids persuaded me he was probably just nervous about the first meeting, and I should give him another chance.

So I met him a second time. Again, he talked at me constantly, and there was no sign of the monologue growing into a conversation.

That's when I told him I really didn't think it would work out.  He texted a few more times, and after I got tired of answering "no", I just stopped answering. Eventually, he stopped texting. I deleted his number from my phone.

End of story. Or it should have been.

Apparently, he didn't delete my phone number.

His current girlfriend found my number in his phone.  She's been calling and texting me constantly. She's used at least three different phone numbers so far.

Initially she claimed she'd found him cheating on her with several women. (I find it hard to believe that several women at once would want a relationship with this particularly boring man, but who can say what others' tastes are like?)

So, initially, I had politely explained that I'd only met him a couple of times and that was a long time ago. For any rational person, that would have been the end of that.

Now, I'm just getting constant barrages, of "Have you seen John?" "I found your number in John's phone", etc.

I thought of changing my phone number, but the effort of letting everyone who has a legitimate reason to contact me of the new number is just far too much brain work for someone with my current brain fog issue.

I tried explaining that I'm sick, and at this point in time there is no way I could handle dating anyone, and that all I want is to be left alone to be with my kids and my soon-to-be-born grandchild.

That didn't stop the texts and phone calls.

Since then, I've just been ignoring the text messages, and hanging up and blocking numbers when I realise calls are from her.

Hopefully, she'll eventually give up contacting me. After all, John gave up after a while.

Why did I post this?

Apart from needing to rant, I think, it's a reminder that for everyone with lupus who is going through all the rotten things that this disease throws at us, there's still everyday life going on. Everyday life can throw its share of rotten things at us too. It just all adds up.

PS - I've just ordered a portable tens machine.  It is battery operated and can clip onto a belt. That means I can be wired up to a tens machine while I'm out of the house, not just when I can be plugged into the machine here. That's extra pain relief for trips to the supermarket, or movies, or well, just about anything!  (I'll show you a picture when it arrives, and tell you how well it works.)

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