Saturday, 3 August 2013

The Little Things

Image: bags of fruit and vegetables. Text: Food weighs too much ... when it's in the bag ... and when it's in my body.Sometimes the little things really are big things.

Yesterday, I went to the greengrocer and the butcher.  Normally, I'd take my son with me so he can carry the bags, but he wasn't available.

Both the greengrocer and the butcher happily carried my shopping to the car for me. They offered, without me asking, which means there wasn't the embarrassment of having to say I would have trouble doing it for myself.

Because lupus isn't visible, lupies often don't look like we need any particular help. I usually feel bad about asking for special treatment.

Offering to do something like carrying bags is old-fashioned, I know. But it's also a godsend for someone who has any kind of arthritic condition.

Both of these businesses are also very competitive in their pricing (also good for those of us on a pension.)

So, for the benefit of anyone else in the area (Brisbane northside) who might need somewhere to buy fresh food that is relatively inexpensive, and where they'll happily help you with your bags - here are the details of both businesses.

(This is not a paid/sponsored post.)


  1. Those roller bags you can find at the $10 shop in airports works great. They fold up for easy storage


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