Friday, 30 August 2013

New Gadget

A couple of years ago, my daughter expressed some concern that I might become too gadget-dependent.

I asked if she'd prefer that I find ways to do things for myself, or needed her to stay home and look after me for ever. She agreed I should probably keep collecting gadgets.

My collection of gadgets to do things like open jars and ring-pull cans is quite impressive.

This week, I saw another thing in the shops that I just couldn't resist.  It's a liquid dispenser for the shower, to keep shampoo, conditioner, etc, at a convenient height and easily accessible with a push of a button.

Do I desperately need this at the moment?  Probably not. I could reach the shampoo on the low shelf it was on. However, on bad days, every little bit of energy I can save is useful.  Saving a little energy on basic tasks gives me a little more energy for something else.


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