Saturday, 13 July 2013

I Want One

Image: picture of Iris. Text: Some people have immune systems that protect them from bacteria and viruses instead of attacking them. I want one of those.This is the immune system I want:

The immune system is a knight in shining armour, protecting the princess from all of the dangers of the big wide world.

No disease dragons, germ goblins, viral Vikings, bacterial badguys, or other forces of mayhem and nastiness can get to the princess in her castle, while the brave knight is on guard to protect her.

He does his job swiftly and efficiently, with the minimum of damage to the palace.

This is the immune system I have:

The lupus immune system is anything but the knight on protective duty. The lupus knight has rusted armour, and is more than a little insane.

He either ignores the invaders, or over-reacts to things, and knocks down half the palace trying to get to a single germ goblin.

At times, he is so confused he mistakes the princess herself for an invader and attacks her personally.

Wherever he goes he leaves destruction in his wake.


  1. I like how you explain it..I am going to try and remember that when my children ask for an explaination...I think they will understand this explaination..thankyou!!

  2. This is certainly one of the best ways that I have seen someone describe this autoimmune disease before. I have put in hours of research, and it can still be really difficult to explain this to someone who has never even heard of an autoimmune disorder before. I think if more people read this, there might be a little less mystery surrounding lupus.


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