Saturday, 6 July 2013

Eating and Not Eating

Image: fruits, vegetables, pulses. Text: Lupus and Food: Sometimes prednisone makes me so hungry I can't stop eating. Sometimes the thought of food makes me so sick I can't eat at all. And then my doctors tell me I have to manage my weight.As regular readers know, I struggle with my weight.

I know I'm not the only lupie with this problem. Sometimes, prednisone just makes me ravenous.  I can't stop eating.  That's the reason for my failed attempt to wean off it.  (OK, I have discovered what a wimp I am - I just can't take the pain I suffer if I take less steroid.)

Then there's other times, such as the past few days, when I can't eat.  I can't tell you why it happens.  I just don't know the cause.  I know that some of the books I have read have said that lupus can cause anorexia.  I know that some of my medications have anorexia listed as side effects.  When I'm 30kg overweight that I can't say I could be considered anorexic in any way, shape, or form.

But I have times, when the thought of food revolts me, and when I force myself to eat, my stomach objects in no uncertain terms. For half the week, I've been trying to force myself to eat. I'm almost at the stage of giving in and just buying a can of Ensure powder to sustain me until I get past this stage.

It's always passed before, either in days or a week or two at the longest.

What I'd like is a half-way point. I would love to be able to eat the way healthy people eat - to have  enough, and know when to stop. That's the dream.

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