Thursday, 11 April 2013

New Project

After the incredible response I had to the request for pictures for the What Lupus Looks Like post, I've realised that lots of people want the chance to speak up for lupus awareness.

So, I have a new project planned.

A new page will go live on Sometimes, it is Lupus on World Lupus Day, the 10th of May.

The page is going to be called "Warriors Wall", and will show pictures of people who are fighting against lupus.   I'll be able to continue to add to it as people send me information (the way I do with the Lupus Business Directory and Lupus Links pages.)

If you want to be a part of it, please send me an email.

In the subject line put "Warriors Wall".

In the email, give me your first name, year diagnosed, country, and one thing you'd like to say to the world about lupus (please no more than 100 words.) And please attach a nice big clear photo (small thumbnail photos don't enlarge very well.)

Entries on the page will look something like this:

Diagnosed 2007
"Lupus doesn't just affect the people who have it, but also our family and friends, and it puts a huge burden on the healthcare and social security systems. We need a cure."

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