Tuesday, 30 April 2013

My Big Project

I've been promising to share photos of my current big project as I actually get some work done on it.

So here's the point I've got my daughter's wedding cake to so far:

The swans will be in the centre of the top tier of the cake. (My daughter wasn't especially keen on the plastic bride and groom dolls we saw at the shop when I was buying cake supplies, so I came up with this as an alternative.)

These are the beginnings of a couple of dozen open roses.  (Blue, to match the roses in her bouquet.)

And believe it or not, these little blue globs will be the centre of closed roses.

It's going to be two tiers, with columns supporting the second tier.  The bottom will be chocolate mud cake, and the top will be white chocolate mud cake.  (The groom doesn't like fruit cake, which is what I'd normally use for a decorated cake because it stays fresh so much longer.)

I had started doing wired roses, to stand up from the cake, but changed my mind after making the swans - so now I'll either do a circle or heart of roses on each tier, with the swans in the centre of the top one. Depending on time, and how my hands cope with the challenge, I might do a couple of little floodwork butterflies tucked among the roses as well.

I am enjoying doing this.  It's years since I've made a cake like this.  With the kids growing up, what I've mostly made are kiddy-style cakes. 

It is much more difficult than I remember it being,  partly because it's a very long time since I've used these skills, but mostly because my hands get sore quickly and I become very tired very fast, so I'm working in small bursts with frequent breaks. (And not getting much else around the house done while I'm doing it.) My poor son is getting used to the idea that we just won't have a dining table available until after the wedding. 

Of course, I haven't forgotten my other major project - the Warriors' Wall that goes live on this site on World Lupus Day (10th of May).  If you'd like to be part of it, there's still plenty of time to send me your details.   Email me a nice, big, clear photo of yourself, with your first name, year diagnosed, country, and what you'd like to tell the world about lupus (up to 100 words.) 

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  1. You have great pastrycook and confectioner skills ! Lucky Clarissa !


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