Monday, 8 April 2013

Business of the Week - My Stuff

I wasn't sure whether or not to do this, but finally decided to treat myself the same as everyone else, so this week's Lupus Business Directory Business of the Week, is my books and teeshirts.

Iris' Books
Books written by Iris Carden, who has lupus, and runs the Sometimes,  it is Lupus site.

Alternately, some of my books are also available from Amazon. (Including Kindle editions)

Iris' Shirt Shop
Sells printed T-shirts, Mugs, etc.
(Lupus themed and general)
Original designs, by Iris Carden,, who has lupus, and runs the Sometimes, It Is Lupus site.

OK, I realise that's two businesses, but you don't need my stuff featured two weeks in a row. 

Remember, whenever you buy anything from any business listed in the Lupus Business Directory, you are helping someone with a chronic illness to have the dignity of earning some of their own income. (For those of us who've had to stop our regular jobs, that is something very precious.)

If you have any chronic illness, and have a business you'd like listed in the directory, please email me the details.

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