Sunday, 14 April 2013

And the Award Goes To....

Have you seen those blogging "awards" given by one blogger to another? They're a nice idea, and it is nice to know that another blogger thinks you're worthy of an award, but there's so many strings attached - you have to answer a set of questions, acknowledge where you got the award from, and forward it on to so many more bloggers. It's kind of like a chain letter or email.

Today, I'm inventing my own blogging (well, on-line advocacy/awareness) award for lupus.

There's no catch to this one.  The recipients don't have to formally accept it, they don't have to pass it on, they don't even have to tell anyone they got it if they don't feel like it.

The judging criteria for the award is simple: I'm impressed with something you've done. (That's nice and objective isn't it?) It will be awarded on an irregular basis, whenever I feel like it.

Without further ado, the Inaugural Too Many Pills Awards for Lupus Leadership go to.....

For keeping lupies entertained and informed simultaneously, an award has to go to Atlanta Titus at World According to Lupus on Facebook and on Twitter and Pinterest.

For encouraging people to advocate for all kinds of Chronic Illness through her Chronically Awesome Facebook page and the Blog Support Daily, and award ought to go Jules Shapiro.

And for always being there whenever a lupie needs someone on Twitter, I think I'd give an award to Sheri (Lupus Diva)  @osaxy on Twitter.

There's lots more I'd like to give an award to, so maybe the Too Many Pills Award for Lupus Leadership will become a regular feature of .

This post written as part of Wego Health's Health Activist Writer's Month Challenge.


  1. What a great idea ! "Official" health organizations like WeGo Health have their own "official" award, but I think that a specific awareness / health award from a blogger to another one in this particular domain is really cool !

  2. I think I should get a pill award too! lol
    Here's mine: (and I'm happy to let anyone who wants know where to get my vita-organizer. HUGS, Julie

    ps. Love your Blog!

    1. Julie, I think everyone who deals with lupus deserves an award!


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