Saturday, 30 March 2013

I Should Never Do Housework

It's Easter Saturday.

I ought to be reflecting on Jesus in the tomb.

What I'm really reflecting on is just how tired I am, and how much I have to do before my daughter comes around for dinner tomorrow night.

I was doing really well. I went to hydrotherapy this week for the first time in ages.

On Thursday, I had plans to take my daughter for an appointment she had at the hospital (not something to worry about), and to go out to dinner with some friends from church.

Thursday morning, I felt so good, I thought I'd just get a bit of the housework done while I had the chance.

So I swept, mopped, and cleaned the shower.  I still felt fine when I went to pick my daughter up. We spent a little longer than expected at the hospital (one pathology blood collection point was closed which meant a longer wait at the other one.) Then we hit the peak hour traffic on the way home.  I always find driving in traffic exhausting.

Most lupies (and people who know me) can guess what happened next.  I sat down in front of the tv for a few minutes' rest before getting ready to go out again. I fell asleep. I missed dinner, and the next day slept too late to go to the Good Friday service at church.

I think the moral of the story is that I should never do housework.

Either that, or I should be a bit more careful of when I do my housework, so as to budget my energy more appropriately. I should never do housework on days I have other things to do.

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  1. Busy week ! I hope you'll have recover a part of energy for spending a happy Easter Sunday.


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