Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Hip... Hip... Hooray

Everything hurts today, especially my hips.

It was grocery day yesterday.

My son comes with me and pushes the shopping trolley, and I use an app from the supermarket on my phone which tells me which aisles each item on my list is in, so it's a quick trip.

Even so, by the time I left the shopping centre, I could barely walk.  My left hip was so sore, each step was agony.

So today is a day on the couch. The groceries are still on the dining table, not yet put away, and yesterday's dishes are not yet done.

I find, even knowing that it's this stupid disease, that I still feel like some kind of failure when normal, everyday activities are more than I can manage.

Limping through the shopping centre yesterday, I imagined, with dread, reaching the point of needing a walking stick. Hopefully, that's a long way off. I already feel a failure, how much worse will it be if I need help even to walk?

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