Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Feeling Useful

The less I'm able to do, the more precious those few things I can do become.

There are so many days that I do nothing at all, I stay in bed or lie on the couch, that on the days when I can actually do something worthwhile, it's something to celebrate.

People who are able to go to work each day, to contribute something worthwhile to society, to have some sense of having done something, probably don't realise how awful it is to get to the end of the day and know I haven't done anything at all.

I loved my part-time ministry when I was able to do it, because I was able to feel I was doing something worthwhile, and to do something for a group of people I love dearly, and to fulfil my call to ministry. I miss that and am quite frustrated that my body won't allow me to do what I really feel I need to be doing.

So, I'm very excited about the project I have coming up - partly because I get to do something useful, and partly because it's for something that is very, very important for my lovely daughter.  I have a wedding cake to make and decorate.  I've got plenty of time, which is important, because my hands get tired easily and it's a long time since I've done anything as fiddly as making icing flowers, and because I want it to be perfect.

I'm still in the planning stage right now... not planning how to do the cake, I know how to do that.  But how will I space out the work so I don't become over-tired? Should I see if I can sit at a table for tasks I've always done standing at a bench? All that kind of thing.  As I said, I have plenty of time, and that's a good thing.  I'll post pictures of my project as I work on it, let you see how I'm going.

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  1. Congrats to your daughter ! I look forward to see the pictures of the wedding cake project.


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