Friday, 22 March 2013


Lupus is a horrible disease that does horrible things to people.  I am constantly amazed by the things some lupies have been able to achieve when they could have been forgiven for just giving up.

I want you to meet an amazing little girl named Aviva.  She's 12, and been battling severe lupus half her life.  Lupus medication has taken the majority of her sight.

Instead of feeling sorry for herself, she's looking for ways to help other kids with vision impairment.

From there, I think I'll let her tell you her own story, and about her project, the Theatre of the Mind.

If you want to know more, you can find it the Aviva Productions page .


  1. Amazing ! Sick people are often heroes according to the way that they manage and fight the disease.

  2. I love her story, and what she is doing for others. Reminds me a little of what I went through at a young age, as I too was diagnosed with lupus at the age of six. keep up the good work Aviva!!


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