Friday, 15 February 2013

Dog Tired

Dog tired: two walks a day was too much.
Australians are famous for betting on anything at all. So, although I tend to avoid betting, I ought to come clean in case anyone had bets on how long my new, healthy, habits would last. It was two days.

What happened? I got tired.  It was too much once I added in some of the basic elements of normal life, such as getting groceries, having friends visit, going to church, things that really aren't all that unusual.

I haven't given up completely.  My old dog and I are still having a walk in the afternoon. It's not as much exercise as two walks a day, but he got tired after a couple of days of having morning and afternoon walks as well. Neither of us is as fit as we'd want to be.

Please don't get me wrong, I still hope to hold together all the elements of a healthy lifestyle I had begun - I'm just not doing everything every day. I'm still making use of my system I developed to clean the flat in 20 minutes - I'm just doing it a couple of times a week instead of daily. I'm still keeping track of what I eat, and trying to make healthy choices. And I've reinstated my afternoon nap, having realised it's a necessity.

To other lupus patients, don't be discouraged because I had to pull back a bit.  It's all a matter of balance. We can take care of ourselves, we just have to find a balance between resting and getting things done.


  1. Clean the flat more than once a week is a weekly challenge for me : you do it a couple of times in the week, you're the best Iris ! Living healthy is an every-hour-challenge for everyone, congratulations for knowing you so well, and manage it so efficiently.

  2. I spend all day every day in bed. I go days without a shower or leaving the house. I have no family or friends that check on me so I just lay here. I used to be the girl who would fight tooth and nail. I got up every day & got cleaned up & left the house lookin for things to do but ever since the love of my life died last year from a drug overdose, Ive given up. I miss him so much. I'm now on home dialysis. (PD) No man is gonna want me with this nasty tubing sticking outta my stomach!! I'm 42 yrs old and I'm gonna spend the rest of my life alone unless I get a kidney. Lupus has taken my self esteem and ruined my life.

    1. That's just awful. My heart is breaking for you. No-one should have to endure what you are going through. I wish there was something I could do or so to help.


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