Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Refreshing? Relaxing? Exhausting!
Some of the simplest things aren't so simple for people with lupus.

And sometimes, I think: "This is so weird, it has to just be me."

Well, I posted about this one on the Sometimes, it is Lupus Facebook Page, and from the responses, I know this isn't just me.

There are days when having a shower leaves me exhausted, and I need a nap to get over it. Lots of other lupies face the same issue. Some other lupies have reported that the water can physically hurt as it hits them, leaving them sore all over.

As I said, it's a simple thing, and something most of us do pretty much every day.  (And in the hot Queensland climate, it really is necessary.) Yet, when lupus is misbehaving, even this little thing is a major effort. It's one of those tasks on the to do list that can't be delegated.

Most of us have strategies for those things that absolutely must be done.  I leave my shower until last thing before bed most nights.  It's so I know I don't have to find energy for anything more.

For many people a shower is relaxing and refreshing, and it is for me when I'm (relatively) well. When I'm sick, it's just another thing that I have to budget energy for.

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  1. Yes, showers hurt. Sometimes I wish we lived in the era of a wash bowl instead lol.


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