Thursday, 17 January 2013

Packing Xrays

One day, I might write a book on how to pack to move house - if I ever master the art myself.

I've had far too many moves.  I've learned things like using linen as a packing material instead of things like bubble wrap - you have to pack it anyway, so you're saving space, and it's a good cushioning product. I've learned that I need to start packing a long way ahead of time, packing the things I use least first to get them out of the way. And I've learned to try to clear one room to stack the boxes in as they're stacked, so the rest of the house remains semi-functional during the process.

The finished product - my new xray storage and
transportation folder.
I had an interesting question this move.  Last move, I threw my growing collection of xrays into my daughter's high school art folio for the journey.  She's grown up and has a home of her own, so isn't moving a folio of art with me.

After a an unproductive afternoon of searching nearby shops for art folios, I turned to the Sometimes, it is Lupus Facebook Page for advice.  The suggestions were either the art folio I wasn't able to get, or to stick two sheets of poster board together to form an envelope.  That's the idea I went with.

After a quick trip to the newsagent, I had two of the thickest sheets of poster cardboard I could get. I used duct tape to create a hinge between the two sheets, and added self-sticking hook and loop fasteners so it can be held closed.

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