Tuesday, 11 December 2012

When Not To Go To Ikea

Well, it's been a busy few days, and I've been busy not actually achieving much. But I've learned a lesson.

Yesterday, I was going to go to Dreamworld with a friend.  The first problem with that was the weather report: rain, storms and partially sunny. We decided to head towards the Gold Coast anyway, and if we encountered the rain and storms, we'd find something to do indoors instead.

We headed towards the coast, and failed to find the "partially sunny".  A decision to go to Mount Tambourine instead was aborted when we discovered we couldn't even see the mountain through the rain.

So we turned back towards Brisbane and stopped off at Ikea.  It was time I ate so I could take my tablets, and my friend wanted to buy a reading lamp, so it seemed a good idea.

It seemed like a good idea - and we did get a meal, and my friend did get his lamp.

We also got a long walk on concrete.

Oh, I didn't mention, I've been having problems with my hips for a couple of weeks.

I know Ikea's an interesting place to visit. There's lots of odd things to look at. They've added a couple of "shortcuts", but because neither of us had been there in a long time, we took the long way. I felt OK at the time, and thought I could handle it.

By the time I was home, I realised it hadn't been a good idea.  I fell on the couch and passed out.  I was exhausted, and both hips (the good one as well as the bad one) were killing me.

I'd intended going out again in the afternoon to buy some things we urgently needed from the supermarket (we're out of cat food.) In the end I decided to find out if the cat would accept lemon-pepper tuna instead - turns out he loves flavoured tuna and I'll probably never again be able to eat it in peace.

So I've learned something: do not go to Ikea when my hips hurt.

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