Sunday, 2 December 2012

Stay Cool

The last few days here in Queensland have been hot, and the next few are predicted to be pretty awful as well.

I've been posting information as it comes out from Queensland Health about heat stress and staying cool.

What I've personally been doing to try to avoid the heat is to leave home in the hottest part of the day and go somewhere that is air-conditioned. Generally, I've gone to our local Hungry Jack's. They've got free soft-drink refills, so I buy a diet coke, and read their copy of the Courier Mail, or my Kindle for a couple of hours.

Yesterday afternoon, I went to the movies with a friend to see the new James Bond film.

I'm thinking for a change this coming week, I might visit a couple of the City Council libraries in nearby suburbs.

The big concerns in extremely hot weather for me, and probably for many other lupies, are to stay cool and to stay out of the sun.  Heat makes the fatigue of lupus much worse for me, and sunlight not only causes rashes but also makes me feel incredibly sick.

Beyond that, we have the same issues as everyone else. We need to stay hydrated, wear cool comfortable clothes, and be aware of the symptoms of heat stress.

Oh, and as all the reminders on ABC radio are saying, don't forget your pets.  Make sure they've got plenty of fresh water and somewhere at least shaded to stay.  (Our household has discovered that pet rats love ice cubes and frozen vegetables.)

Today, I'm helping my daughter move house. (No, I'm not doing the lifting - just driving a ute for them, the ute hire company doesn't let young people drive their vehicles.) I'll be making sure I have a ton of sunblock on, and will be staying in the cool as much as possible, and taking a bottle of water with me.

Whatever you're up to today, stay cool.

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