Thursday, 20 December 2012

My Christmas Miracle

The house I'm leaving....
I'm getting ready to move house.

I can't afford to do it, and if I don't sort out someone to take over my lease here I'm in trouble, but I'm doing it anyway - because the new home is perfect, and it becoming available is nothing short of a miracle.

Less than a month ago, my doctor told me to put in an application with the Housing Department, because I couldn't continue to live in the house I'm in.  It's too big for me to look after now, and the rent is too much for me now that I'm not working.

About a week ago, a friend contacted me and asked if I was still looking for a new home - because the granny flat under her house is going to be available next month, her current tenants are moving out.

It's much cooler than this house - because it's insulated by having a whole house on top of it. It's the perfect size, being big enough for my son and me, but small enough for me to be able to clean it.

There's even a cat-flap for Bumpy. And I can afford the rent.

It's perfect, and it's available now that I most need it.  I'm accepting that as a gift from God.
When I found out about the costs of breaking my current lease, I almost decided against going. But then I had my fortnightly check up with my doctor.  I am a fair bit healthier than I have been lately, but still suffering a lot because of the heat. Her recommendation was beg, pray, do whatever it takes to get out of the lease - but move to the new flat.

So I've asked the real estate agent to ask the owners to waive the fees for breaking the lease - after all, I've been here for years. And I'm asking everyone I know to ask around and see if anyone they know might want to take over the last few months of my lease here.

Financially, it's going to be a shock to the system - not just getting out of the lease, but the cost of moving.  I honestly can't afford it, but am trusting it will all work out somehow.

Physicially, moving is going to be exhausting.

We're going to have to cull a number of our possessions, so I'm throwing out things, and setting things aside for a garage sale. Hopefully, as well as cutting down the number of things we have to move, the garage sale will make us some money to cover the expenses of moving. I'm trying to start the packing and throwing out, while still getting ready for Christmas.  I have to keep a balance still, sleep as much as possible, and do minimal things through the heat of the day. It's a challenge - do do everything in time, and yet not push myself to the point of becoming more unwell. It's especially challenging in the heat of a Queensland summer! (Heat leaves me exhausted to start with.)
Going through what I want to keep and what I want to sell/throw out/give away is an interesting experience.  For me, it's quite a spiritual experience, realising that the material things I've gathered around me are not all that important. Getting rid of things that no longer have a use, assessing what I really want to keep, helps make me more aware of my priorities.  (If you want to see what it's like: look around your home, imagine you were moving to somewhere half the size, and decide what you need or want enough to keep and what you can live without.)

Then there's packing and moving.  I suspect I won't be able to afford a removalist, so it will be a matter of hiring a ute, the same as my daughter and her boyfriend did for their move. I will be counting on the family, and any friends who have time and energy helping.

And after the move, is cleaning the house.  It's a job I've been struggling with while living here. I hope it will be easier with the house empty. Again, I'll probably be looking for help.

After the move, and the clean-up, I'm going to need a lot of rest to recover.  Hopefully, as this flare is starting to ease, it won't come back and hit me as a result of the move. But, I'll have a cooler home that's easier to care for to recover in.

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  1. Praying things continue to work out. I understand. We are doing similar things, but don't have to move yet. I wish I could work to take some pressure off my husband right now. Although, there have been some nibbles his way.


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