Thursday, 13 December 2012

My darling son graduated his Diploma in IT (Networking) last night.

I can't show you the photo, because he doesn't like his picture appearing on the internet.

He said he looked like someone out of Harry Potter in his academic gown, but I thought he looked very nice.  Especially as we'd had to rush out and buy slacks and a button-up collared shirt. (He discovered at the last minute that metal band shirts and torn black jeans did not meet the dress code.)

I must confess to being exhausted today - and being in a bit of pain.  Yesterday, I met a friend for coffee in the morning, then had the unexpected trip clothes shopping, before the train ride and short walk to the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre.

It does not take much to tire me out now.  But I do have to go out again today for a while - I have a house blessing to do this morning, and I need to go to the chemist. Beyond that, the house work is well and truly out of control, and the Christmas cake still not made. So there are things I must do today.  I'm also going to have a couple of very long naps.

The big challenge of life with a chronic illness is that basic things, that other people would not find particularly tiring, are exhausting. So everything either gets done far more slowly, or remains totally un-done. Meanwhile, my to-do list grows at the same rate as anyone else's (things just don't get marked as "done" too often.)

At least my Christmas gift shopping has been done!

Did you buy any of your Christmas gifts from the businesses in the Lupus Business Directory?

I'd love to be able to share your reviews/recommendations of businesses from the directory.  Please email me, with your comments about any of the businesses, so we can share them with everyone.

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