Monday, 31 December 2012

Ending 2012

I'm sorting things for the garage sale.
Well, it's New Year's Eve, and I'm lying on the couch and not planning to be awake for midnight.

It seems a good time to look over my resolutions from New Year's Day this year, and see what I achieved.

I won't go through them individually.

Well, I did save some of my own energy, and the household energy.  I did leave the kids to be a bit more independent - and one of them even left home.

I slipped up on the healthy diet and exercise.  Once I got sick, all of that fell apart - along with anything that involved my work in any way. So I didn't get the book about baptism written, either, although I did write a couple of new books this year.

So, I did OK with some things, but not so well at others.  Lupus got in the way.

Anyone want a 25 year old wedding dress?
At the moment, I'm so busy, I don't think I will be worrying about doing any new resolutions for 2013.  If I manage to survive the garage sale and move, I will think it's enough of an achievement for the year.

My big goal for this week is to be ready in time for the garage sale my kids and I are having this Saturday - to get rid of the excess items my daughter wasn't able to take to her new house, and my son and I won't fit in our new flat.

After the garage sale, comes packing, moving and cleaning the house up.

I'm already exhausted, with lots more stuff to be sorted through, but it should get easier after the garage sale. If we manage to sell everything, there won't be a lot left to pack up.

Much of the stuff I want to sell, I've had for years, and carried with me through numerous house moves.  From here on in, I need to reorganise my entire life, so everything is easier - including any future house moves.

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