Saturday, 15 December 2012

Christmas Chaos

The Christmas tree is finally up.
I'm usually super-organised about Christmas.

I have presents all bought before December starts (I like to minimise the amount of time I spend at shopping centres when everyone else is doing their Christmas shopping.)

The Christmas tree always goes up after church on the first Sunday of Advent.

All of the family's favourite Christmas treats are baked well ahead of time.

And I've usually written Christmas services a couple of weeks before Christmas.

This year?

Well, I'm not doing Christmas services - I'm not working at all. But having less to do is not helping, because I'm still exhausted most of the time and trying to recover, from the flare that stopped me from working.

Add to that a couple of 39 deg Celsius days, a couple of catch-ups with friends (which I chose to do and enjoy, knowing that my energy reserves were depleted) and you can guess what has happened to my super-organised Christmas.

The tree didn't go up on the first Sunday of Advent, because I was driving the ute for my daughter to move to her new home.

The baking is way behind schedule, as is the housework.

This week, my son and I decided that if we didn't put the Christmas tree up soon, there would be no point, so we just got in and did it. As I lay on the couch recovering from that, my son asked: "Er Mum, what are we having for dinner? Bearing in mind that we have no clean dishes to eat off."

For the first time in a very long time (and it may be that brain fog caused me to leave out an ingredient), the chocolate pudding my son loves was an absolute failure. My daughter took it back to her place as a treat for her pet rats. So now I'm worrying that the plum pudding and the Christmas cake may taste terrible even though they look OK.

From a brief discussion on the Sometimes, it is Lupus Facebook page, it seems that other lupies are having similar issues - not enough energy for the things they'd like to do for Christmas. With Christmas, as with everything, we have to set priorities. Which things are so important they absolutely must be done? Which things would be good to do, if there is enough energy left? Which things don't matter so much after all?

Ultimately, although it would be nice to bake everyone's favourite treats, and have the house looking presentable, what's most important is that on the day, I have the energy to enjoy going to church and to enjoy spending a day with family and friends. Anything else I manage is a bonus.

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  1. I have a blog of my own, and I blogged about this same thing. I have been so behind on everything. My tree is up and looked beautiful, but shortly after the lights half way up stopped working so now it is only half lit. I haven't had the strength to fix it and my 3 year old daughter keeps asking why we haven't wrapped the presents.You are right, the main thing is that you focus on what is important.


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