Friday, 7 December 2012

Budgeting Energy
I've been thinking a lot about all the things I had planned over the next few days.  And I've been assessing my energy levels - which have been very much depleted by Brisbane's heatwave this week.

The only logical conclusion was to set priorities, and decide which things are most important for me to do. That means I've given my apologies for today's outing, so I can handle the weekend.

Honestly, having done so, I feel a sense of relief.

It's a tough choice - and I know lots of other lupies are with me on this - to have to decide between things I really want to do, when I know that I can't do everything. It's an ongoing challenge - to make the most of life, while budgeting my energy wisely. I also know that for healthy people, the things I had planned over the next few days would not seem so monumental.

So today, I'm staying home, doing that bit of housework that I had to do whether I stayed home or went out, and relaxing as much as possible so I have energy to enjoy the weekend.

If you're doing your Christmas shopping on-line, you're running out of time to get it delivered in time!

Please check the businesses in the Lupus Business Directory - there's some great gift ideas there.

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  1. The best you know yourself and deal with your energy budget, the most you'll enjoy your activities (and your naps...)


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