Friday, 28 December 2012

And On To The Next Thing....
I hope everyone had a good Christmas.

I did.  After church a friend came around, and my daughter and her boyfriend visited.  We had a nice lunch, before the kids went off to my ex-husband's place for dinner.

A bit later another couple of friends came around for a while.

I had planned to go to another friend's house for dinner - but that's where the plans came unstuck.  I slept instead.

Then I slept through Boxing Day. I really needed that sleep.

Yesterday, I read a couple of novels I had on the shelf and had never got around to reading.  That means they can go for the garage sale. That's the next big project now that Christmas is done (well, technically, Christmas is 12 days - and the garage sale will actually be in that time.)

 I'm looking at everything around the house now, thinking: "Packing? Garage Sale? Throw out? Give Away?"

I had started with the idea of what do I want to get rid of?  Then realised that it's more than a matter of getting rid of things.  I'm going to a significantly smaller home. I have to think of the space I'm moving in to, and decide what I want to keep. I only have room to take things that are essential, or that matter to me a lot. Out of the essentials, I'll take the best of everything.  I'm getting rid of mismatched mugs, and glasses that are the last of a set.

I'm keeping the recipe books I actually use, giving a few that I used to use before I had to give up gluten to my daughter (some of her favourite things are in them), and the other 20 or so are going out to the garage sale. I'm keeping some of my professional library - but most is going, because it can be easily replaced with electronic versions that don't require bookshelves. I'm getting rid of clothes that have been mended too many times. Even my wedding dress is going.

There was a time, I thought it would be painful to throw things out, sell them, or give them away.  I grew up being taught to hang on to things.  But it's actually freeing. It's also physically tiring. I'm starting to consider whether I do need to hire a removalist and maybe even a professional cleaner to clean up the house after I leave.  A good friend gave me some "moving money" for Christmas, and another has offered me a long-term loan.  It's given me the option of looking at whether I should spend money to save my physical energy. (And that of my family and friends.) I'll get quotes from movers and cleaners, to see how far the available money would stretch - remembering I still have to get out of this lease, and that will cost money as well.

When the doctor first said it was time to move somewhere smaller and easier to manage, it had seemed like the end of everything.  But it's another beginning, a chance to start out fresh again, to take a good look at my life and see what's important, and to get rid of the things I don't need.

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