Wednesday, 5 December 2012

A Lupus-Less Christmas

If I could have anything
under the tree,
I'd love to find there
a lupus-less day just for me.

To not get sick
from going out in the sun
Would give me a chance
to enjoy the day's fun.

I'd eat gluten and lactose
without ill-effects,
And not have to ask:
"So, what's in this?"

No matter the weather,
hot sun or cool rain.
I wouldn't be worried,
about fatigue and pain.

I'd cook a great feast,
and have energy left,
so I could enjoy
the time with my guests.

For one whole day
I'd forget about pills,
and not for a moment
think of specialist's bills.

No rashes, no itches,
no painful sore joints.
No headaches, no nausea,
no dry eyes and mouth.

Santa, please bring it
I'll send you a map.
I won't be awake,
I'll be having my nap.

Christmas can be difficult for people with lupus and other chronic illnesses. There's extra effort to cook and clean if guests are coming, and the energy and cost involved in the shopping. Add to that extremes of temperature (summer heat in Australia, winter cold in some parts of the world), and you get a major challenge for someone who has limited energy to begin with.

While you're doing your Christmas shopping this year, please think about how you can help people who really are struggling at this time of year.  One way you can help is to buy some of your Christmas presents from businesses listed in the Lupus Business Directory.  These small and micro businesses are run by people with lupus and other chronic illnesses - often selling items we have made as therapy.

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