Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Urgent Message for Lupus Patients in Queensland

QUEENSLAND LUPIES....PLEASE Help us to help YOU. We are trying to obtain funding to open permanent Lupus Help lines and Support numbers for those newly diagnosed for QLD, NT, VIC & SA. There will also be a central register of Clinics, Rheumies, Immunologists etc and a Newsletter. . We really need your help in this.

Also to our knowledge there has been so many deaths from LUPUS lately and we need
this support for Awareness also PLEASE send an email to****** admin@lupusnsw.org.au ****** URGENTLY explaining a little of your story and why you feel a fully properly funded Support Number and Centre would have been helpful to you at time of diagnosis or even now!!!

Our cutoff date for sunbmission is 20th November. So far only TWO Queenslanders have done this....I did not think we were such an apathetic bunch, as I constantly hear people moaning about lack of support and Awareness... . Come on. We are the only ones who can do this...SHARE SHARE SHARE

Reposted from Annie Taylor on Facebook.

Note: I sent my email last night - there needs to be more lupies to help out here.

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