Saturday, 17 November 2012

Strengths and Weaknesses

Today's National Health Blog Post Month topic is my strengths and weaknesses.

Family, friends, readers, church members, and casual acquaintances would probably all see different things in me than I will in myself. But anyway, here's the list from my perspective.


  • Creativity - (check out the books I've written at the publisher's site, or at Amazon, or the tee shirts I've designed.)
  • Christian faith - the knowledge that whatever happens, God is at work in it somewhere.
  • Life experience -  I know how to survive on next-to-nothing, how to cut my own hair, how to find solutions to problems. Each challenge I've survived has left me better equipped to know what to do the next time.
  • Empathy - the reason I have put together the Lupus Business Directory, is because I feel for the many other people who struggle with chronic illnesses and want to do something concrete to help. The Lupus Book was also an attempt to help make life easier for people with lupus. 
  • Writing - I began as a journalist, went into ministry (which still involves lots of writing) and am now blogging.  I am good with words.  (When brain fog is bad and I can't fill in forms or add up, I am so grateful that so far, I've still been able to write coherently most of the time.)
  • My Kids - OK, they're now adults and I do very little to make them who they are - but they are the most amazing young adults and I am more proud of them than it is possible to say.
  • Sense of Purpose - I am happiest when I can see that I am doing something worthwhile, something to make a positive difference in someone else's life. It goes with my call to ministry, the knowledge that there is something God wants me to be doing. 
  • Sense of Fairness/Justice - when I know about something that's unfair, I try to find ways to help (and am willing to adjust my behaviour when necessary.)


  • Fatigue - I don't have the energy to do the things I'd like.
  • Brain Fog - I may be quite intelligent, but sometimes I just can't think.
  • Independence - I have serious trouble asking for help, or special consideration, and feel guilty when I do.
  • Not Planning - I used to be incredibly organised and plan everything.  Since I've been sick, planning has gone out the window, and when people ask me what they can do to help, half the time I have no idea, because I don't know what I'm trying to do.
  • Procrastination - it goes with fatigue.  There was a time I could procrastinate, leave everything to the last minute and still never miss a deadline. Now, I put things off, and they don't get done because the deadline is looming and I'm too sick, too sore, or too tired to do anything about it.
  • Depression - I do get clinical depression from time to time. It is incapacitating.

Well, those are the lists as I can think of them.  As I said, people who know me in different capacities would probably have lots of different things to add to either list; because who I ma from their perspective is not the same as who I am from my perspective.

This post written as part of Wego Health's National Health Blog Post Month.

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