Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Redesigning A Doctor's Office
Today's National Health Blog Post Month topic is "Redesign a Doctor's Office or Hospital Room".

I'm OK with doctor's offices - what I want to redesign is the waiting area. I spend much more time in the waiting room than in the doctor's office.  My rheumatologist is always hours late. My GP is normally a bit late. My opthalmologist is usually on time - but I have to have drops to dilate my eyes and then wait in the waiting room for them to work.

All in all, I spend a large proportion of my time in doctors' waiting rooms. I suspect most people with chronic illnesses do.

So what do I want there?

First, let's get rid of the antique magazines. Especially those magazines about "celebrities". I don't buy them, I wouldn't read them by choice. Give me today's newspaper, or books of well-written short stories, or even information about health, something that doesn't assume I'm brain-dead.

Let's not have the television stuck on some inane infomercial program. No, I don't want to learn about the amazing ladder that can be reconfigured five hundred and seven ways, or about the exercise machine that can give you wash-board-flat-abs in thirty-two seconds a day. As for the diet pill that will fix all of the problems in my life for just $299.95 per month, it would probably have a bad interaction with the 500 pills my doctors make me take every day. If there must be a television blaring away, go for a news channel, or something at least mildly entertaining or informative.

And, if I'm going to be sitting for ages and ages and ages, please, please, PLEASE, give me a comfortable seat. In fact, for the rheumatologist who is always at least three hours late, I want a recliner chair, so I can get really comfortable and have a nap. And would a coffee machine be too much to ask?

This post written as part of Wego Health's National Health Blog Post Month.


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  1. I so agree with you about the waiting rooms! Plus the waiting room at my rheumatologist is alwaaays freezing.

  2. Wow, sounds like my rheumatologist office ... 2-3 hour wait is normal

  3. Great post! Been reading a lot about giving my practice a makeover. Thanks for sharing this!


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