Friday, 2 November 2012

Now That's Weird

National Health Blog Post Month topic for today: Write a post about the weirdest thing about your health.

Regular readers know the answer to that: pretty much everything is weird about my health.

Lupus makes no sense whatsoever.

Retaining fluid causes me headaches - at the same time as I suffer from eyes so dry that they hurt.

Cold causes me physical pain, and heat leaves me exhausted.

I get so tired I sleep almost all the time, but at times am kept awake all night because of pain.

My immune system is over-active, but I catch every bug that goes around.

The joints on my left side are almost always sore - but every now and then they're fine and my right side takes a turn.

I'm clumsy, and I walk into things and drop things.

And although my brain scan looks normal, half the time I can't think, and even paying the bills is too much for me, to manage.


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