Monday, 8 October 2012


My long-running headache, that used to be eased by fluid tablets, isn't responding to anything. And my brain fog is just getting worse all the time.

It's gone on for so long now, that I've decided I just can't sit around waiting for it to clear any more.

I've got my copy of the Lupus Book on order, to help me get control of my medical stuff.  (I've realised I'm about two months late for one of Dr K's blood tests - so I really need to get this stuff organised.) One of the advantages the book will have over keeping things electronically, is that I'll be able to paperclip referrals, blood test orders, prescriptions, etc to the appropriate pages, so I have all those bothersome bits of paper when I need them, too. (Knowing me, I'll keep what I can electronically as well - because I need all the help I can to remember stuff.)

Beyond that, I'm using my mobile phone far more.  I now have alarms set three times a day to remind me to take my pills. And I've gone through today, adding in deadlines for all the tasks I have to do (such as Dr K's blood test.)

I'm micro-managing myself, adding into the list when I have to shower, or to do the dishes, or feed the pets.

It bothers me that I have to do this - but I honestly forget everything at the moment. I'm so far behind, there's little task notes all over my day, and I know there's lots more I ought to do, but it's going to have to wait.

At least, if my head doesn't completely explode, I'll get some things done today.

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