Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Shameless Self Promotion

Given that I am newly unemployed, and in need of income, I'm going to indulge in some shameless self-promotion.

These are my books, what they are about and where you can get them.

This is Mr Bumpy's Habits of Effective Cats 2013 Calendar.  It has cute pictures of Mr Bumpy, with a couple of appearances by Mr Woof and the Rat Collective, with Mr Bumpy's hints on how to be a Highly Effective Cat.
It is $16.70 (Aus) plus postage from Lulu.

Lupus Book, is designed for helping keep track of pills, appointments, questions for the doctor, etc.
It is available for $12.60 (Aus) plus postage from Lulu.  Note, this is a special for October Lupus Awareness Month and will be $14.00 from November.

Cat-it-orial is the best of the first year of cat-it-orials from Mr Bumpy's blog mrbumpycat.com.
The paper version is available from Lulu for $15.00 (Aus) plus postage.
The Kindle version is available from Amazon for $3.00 (US).

Group Meeting is a novella (short novel). It's a psychological thriller, set in an institution for the criminally insane. Some of the residents are being bothered by a girl who only they can see. Can people share the same hallucination? Or is the institution haunted?
The paper version is available from Lulu for $12.38 (Aus) plus postage or from Amazon for $12.00 (US) plus postage.
Epub version is $2.00 (Aus) from Lulu.
Kindle is $2.00 (US) from Amazon.

Karlee is a supernatural horror novel.  If you childhood imaginary friend reappeared and promised to solve all your adult problems for an unnamed price, would you take the deal?
Paper version from Lulu is $12.51 (Aus) plus postage, or from Amazon is $12.00 (US) plus postage.
Epub version is $2.00 (Aus) from Lulu.
Kindle is $2.00 (US) from Amazon.

And I also have a range of teeshirts, mugs etc with my own designs on them available from Iris' Shirt Shop.

Update 22 November 2012

My new book, Beside Still Waters, is a compilation of sermons and brief reflections on Scripture.
It's available in paperback and epub at Lulu and in Kindle at Amazon.

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