Friday, 19 October 2012

Results, But No Answers

Well, the result of my brain scan is that my brain's in excellent condition.

My blood tests were also excellent, except for a cholesterol issue.

My GP's best suggestion as to the cause of my headaches and brain fog are because the 30% time I was working might have been too much. Her recommendation: rest.

Well, I've been here before. I had two years to rest last time. So, I guess, I can handle some more rest.

Just out of interest, and because I don't eat foods with high saturated fats, I asked whether any of my medications could have been causing the cholesterol issue.  The GP looked at my file, and came up with an ominous suggestion - let's have a medication review.  What's ominous about that? I have to bring all my medicines in! (Apparently my list isn't enough.) Taking ALL my drugs into the GP's surgery next fortnight - That's going to be a challenge!


  1. At least, even if you don't have yet an explaination, your tests are OK, that's good news.

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