Saturday, 6 October 2012

Well, after my referral to the neurologist proved to be  fruitless (because the neurologist I had a referral to had closed his books), I've got a referral to the neurology department at the public hospital.  They always take new patients - but it will probably be a fairly long wait for an appointment.

In the meantime, I've been congratulating myself for not doing anything really bizarre, or anything that had bad consequences.

By way of explanation, I've had a cold.  I've been asleep for most of the week. It's hard to do anything that would get me into real trouble while I'm asleep.

At least I thought that until about 2am today.  That's when I woke up with a sudden horrified thought, and checked the date on my mobile phone and found out it was the 6th of October.

I have a form to fill in for my pay that has to be into the church's head office by the 5th of each month. Without going into the weird nature of clergy pay - I will simply explain that if I don't have this form in on time, I don't get about half my month's pay.

I don't suppose it will surprise you to know that I need all my pay.  Working on only 30% time, my pay is of course 30% of the normal pay - reduce that by half and it adds up to a big problem.

I'll fill the form in today, and post it with a note of apology, and desperately pray that the pay office hasn't finished processing these forms yet.

Apart from that, we've run out of clean dishes, because everyone has had the same cold, and no-one's had the energy to do basic things around the house.

So, I guess that means it's business as usual here.

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