Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Lupus Book

front cover
My copy of Lupus Book has arrived.

Yes, even though I wrote it, I still have to order a copy from the publisher the same as everyone else. That's the nature of print-on-demand publishing.

I've started putting information into it.  It might take a little while, but once it's up to date, it should be a simple matter of just making notes in the appropriate places when things change, or when I make new appointments, or go to the doctor, etc.

So what will you find in it?

First there is a personal information section, to record basics of name and address, medicare and health insurance details, allergies, etc.

The next section is an address book. The first page is for emergency contacts, then a page for General Practitioner, Rheumatologist and Pharmacy.  Then there are pages for other medical/ therapeutic contacts.

Next is a section for listing medications.

Medications pages

As medications change, there is space to simply cross out the line that is no longer accurate, and to write another line.  (There's a number of pages for listing medications.)

The biggest section is the appointment section.

Each double-page is for a single appointment.  There is space for the details of time, place and who the appointment is with.  There's a space for "homework" from your last appointment (eg do your blood tests at set times, see a physiotherapist, etc, or get a new referral from your GP).That can be filled in straight after your previous appointment, so you don't forget any things you have to do.

Next is a section for symptoms that are new, changed, etc.  As things change, they can be noted, so that when you get to the appointment, you don't forget.

Appointments section

There's a place for questions you want to ask at your appointment, and one for any prescriptions you need, and a space for any other notes.

(Referral letters, blood test orders, etc, can be paper-clipped to the appropriate pages.)

I put this together because I desperately needed it. Brain fog has meant I'm losing track of everything.  I've published it because I suspect if I need it others may also need it.

If you try it and think of things that you believe would be useful in future editions, I'd love to hear from you.

Available from

For October (Lupus awareness month), there is a 10% discount on Lupus Book. It's available from the publisher

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