Wednesday, 24 October 2012

How Do I Feel?

I was asked yesterday how I felt about stopping work again.

Strangely, I haven't felt anything yet. I think I need the headaches and brain fog to settle a bit before I can actually work through the implications of it.

I know that financially it's going to be hard. I haven't tried to work out a budget yet - I can't concentrate that well. And that's likely to cause a problem.

Beyond that, I know I had two years of not working before and I somehow survived it - although I really can't remember how.

This time around, I have my blog established, so I know I have something to do, and I think it's worthwhile - there's more than 500 people following the Sometimes It Is Lupus Facebook page now, and at times there are discussions where people are quite active. Unlike a paid job, I do what I'm able, when I'm able.  There's no deadlines. If I don't post for a week or two, the only consequence is that some friends who follow my blog will call to check that I'm still alive.

So far, what I'm mostly doing with my time is sleeping. But some time soon, I have to wake up and try to get my head together long enough to do some concrete planning on how I'm going to survive.


This Christmas, make a difference. Buy at least one of your Christmas gifts from someone with a chronic illness. Take a look through the Business Directory - you'll find some great gift ideas. 

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