Thursday, 25 October 2012

Energy Deficiency

Since I stopped work, most of what I've been doing is sleeping. I've caught up with a few friends for a coffee now and then, but apart from that my greatest level of activity has been migrating between the bed and the couch for sleeping areas.

But I've just about run out of clean dishes, and bench space, and the bins are overflowing.

My daughter's hobbling around on crutches with a dislocated knee, and my son's lying in bed with a sore throat.

So it looks like somewhere, I have to find the energy to do something. That's a bit of an issue, because my body just wants to sleep.

It's back to my pottering around - find the energy to do a tiny bit of work, then have a nap, then a tiny bit more work.  Things don't improve dramatically, but at least it slows the rate at which it all gets worse.


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